Your guess is right, we ARE pet lovers, and this is our dog Tina. This web site has no fancy design. First of all, I don't know how to do it without using special software, that I don't have, and the second, this is not a comercial site, and the only my concern here is that it is simple to manage and navigate.

The only reason we started it, was to give our friends access to the information or pictures they wanted to have. Also, it is much easier to keep everything we want here, so that everybody who wants, can easily download whatever he wants, instead of sending everybody letters/e-mails with pictures. We don't have any idea what is gonna be the structure of the site, and what we'll include here. We'll see. Periodically, some of the materials I will move to the "Archive"

Now, if you are still here, and want to get in, please press the "Enter" button below