Danny - Born in Novosibirsk in 1983, died in Kiev in 1992. Our very first dog, and absolutely great and beautiful. 

(More Danny  - not yet)

Mashka - Born in Kiev, died in Toledo (USA). We thought it was "she" and gave him a female name, but he liked it. He was "raised" by Danny, and behaved like a dog.

Bulya - our first pet in the US. We got him, when he was about 2 weeks old. So, we fed him from the bottle with milk. But he grew up to a strong big cat. Died in 2006 of cancer.

Bruno (beagle) - our first dog in the US. When he was 10 he completely lost his sight (diabetes). Died recently at the age of 13 of cancer.

Tina.  In May 2000 somebody knocked our door and asked if she was our dog, because "she's attached to your house". She was about 11 month young beautiful runaway dog and she stayed with us. She is still in great shape, and she worships me.

Tsutsik - he was a homeless dog, living in the fields, hunting rabbits or anything else, and sleeping at people's porches or in the field. He was following us (but kept the distance) every time we were walking Bruno and Tina, for the whole winter of 2001-2002, until in April he decided to come close enough so we could pet him. Since that day he stays with us. He's Olya's tail.

Gorgie /Georgie - She was with us just a week in October 2003- absolutely incredible kitten, but she died due to an accident with Tsutsik.

Musya replaced Gorgie in November 2003. She was from the same litter. She is friendly, playful and very classy.

Bootsie - he was a homeless kitten hanging out in the Toledo Botanical garden. We took him, when it was getting cold and he could have a problem outside. He raised with our other pets and now he's a beautiful cat.

Bozya - Name came from sweetening russian "боже мой" -> "бози мой", meaning "Oh, my god", because my brother found her frozen to the ice at the parking lot near the building, where he lived. We received a call from him "Is it a human service? There is a frozen kitten to save." We took it, warmed up with a warm water, took to the vet for a steroid shot. She was practically dead, and vet didn't believe that she would live, but she did. And the only memory of that accident is that she lost half of one ear, but she doesn't know and doesn't care. Compared to Musya, who looks and walks like ballerina (or butterfly), Bozya walks and looks like a hillbilly. And she has very funny, very surprised look, like at this picture.